Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cheesy Lime Chicken

This yummy little recipe was found over that Mommy Hates Cooking. We both really enjoyed this meal.  It's going to be a great addition to the rotation.

3-4 Chicken Breasts
1/2 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp Paprika
1/4 Tsp Pepper
1 Tsp Dill Weed
1/2 Lime
 Swiss Cheese Slices

Heat oven to 425.  In a bowl mix together the flour, salt, paprika, pepper and dill.  Coat the chicken in the flour mixture and place on a wire rack or in a pan. Squeeze lime juice evenly over each chicken breasts.  Bake for 30 minutes.  Remove from oven and top each chicken breasts with a slice of swiss cheese. Place back in the oven for an additional 10 to 20 minutes or until chicken is done. Top with another squeeze of lime juice and serve. 

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