Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

This month I participated in the Foodie Pen Pal! First of all, if you have no idea what this is head over to The Lean Green Bean. Lindsay heads this up and it is awesome!  I sent a package to Anika at Dogs, Dishes and Decor. Megan at Delightfull Dash was my pen pal that sent me a package. We are actually "neighbors" in way, we live in the same metro area just on way opposite sides! It's been fun to talk to her about all things DC.  And then I got my package in the mail, check out these goodies:

Are you drooling?  So what is all of that. Well there was a cheddar garlic biscuit mix, soft pretzel mix, veggie dip mix, chesapeake bay seafood seasoning, tailgating pasta, a jar of cookie butter, 2 peanutty dark chocolate kashi bars and 2 apple banana fruit wraps, beef jerky strips (for our dog) and a monster truck. She also sent several pamplets and magazines from the places she got our items! So cool! 

I don't even know where to being. We are saving the pretzel mix and the tailgate pasta for football season. Isn't the pasta the cutest?  A went nutty over the shapes and keeps begging us to cook it, I really want to save it though. He might wear me down before football season if he keeps it up! Haha. 

We are headed to the beach in a few weeks and I am saving the veggie dip and biscuit mix to take on vacation with us. The kashi bars and fruit strips were stolen by Gray and they are gone!  And the cookie butter, ohhhh the cookie butter! I have some plans for it soon so be on the look out!  We keep meaning to get some crabs too so we can use the chesapeake bay seasoning, there is a man that sells crabs on the side of the road not too far from us, I just keep forgetting when I am making our menu plan.  Plus I have never cooked crab before. Eek! That should be an adventure.   And how sweet was Megan to include something for Rivers (our dog) and that little monster truck for A.  He loves monster trucks and was so excited for his treat!  We have spent many days rolling that truck over his hot wheel cars ;) 

Thank you again, Megan! We love everything!!!!! 


  1. Aww, you're very welcome! I'm so happy you like everything! How adorable is A with his truck!! So glad he likes it! :)

  2. Great pasta shapes...I usually lose half my box to my family too!

  3. Thank you again for the wonderful package -- and thank you for the shout out in your post. I linked to your blog in my post as well. :)


    BTW, that football pasta is so cute!