Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Do you like it?

So my sweet friend Lauren at L.C. Designs just made over this blog! She is amazing, she did our family blog a few weeks ago and I love love love it! Not only is she great at what she does but she donates 70% of her profits to a different cause each month! This month it's Amazima Ministries in Uganda. If you don't know about Amazima you should check them out too! And for real, Lauren is awesome, she is not just a blog designer that I ran across, she is someone I consider a friend. She was in Ethiopia picking up her precious little boy when we got our referral for our son A and she was the first person I knew to be able to play with him and get pictures of him for us. So I will go now before I get all sappy but don't forget to go check her out!


  1. You are so sweet!!! I totally consider you a friend too!!! I loved doing this design! (even if it did make me want to go eat everything in my fridge!)haha

  2. Love the design! This makes an already professional-seeming blog LOOK professional. Leigh, I always go to this blog whenever I am in a recipe rut or in the mood to try something new. Thanks for keeping it up and for blessing many people with your time.