Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tomato Basil Grilled Cheese

I got the idea for this sandwich on pinterest from The Mobile Cook. They did it a little different over there but same idea. This sandwich was amazing and gooey and delicious. I believe I will have it again for lunch today. Seriously divine.

Fresh Basil
Fresh Mozzarella

Heat a pan to medium low heat. Butter two pieces of bread on one side. Slice the tomatoes thinly, you need 3 or 4 slices per sandwich. Slice the mozzarella and again 3 or 4 slices for each sandwich. Chop 1 basil leaf per sandwich. Place the 1 slice of bread, butter side down in the pan. Layer the tomato, basil and then the cheese. Place the other slice of bread, butter side up, on the sandwich. When the bread on the bottom is golden brown, turn it over and grill the other side until done.

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